What's Business Funding?

What's Business Funding?

Simply put, Business Funding is money for your business. It can come in various forms. There are business grants which is free money for your business. There are many organizations all over the United States that offers business Grants. There is usually an application process that may include an essay as to why your business deserve to win that grant. Each grant have their own set of requirements. The organization will then choose a winner from the applicants that met all the requirements. This is money that you will not need to pay back.

There are plenty of other ways to fund your business, crowd funding, kickstarter, personal loans and more.

Then there are business loans. There are business loans available for all levels of business. So whether you are just starting a business, have a mid-level business, or a fortune 500 company  there is a loan for you.

Let's get into business loans for a new business. As a new business owner there are loans availble for your business too. So if you need money for start up cost, inventory,  or marketing, there is a loan for you.


Now keep in mind that a business loan is a loan for your business. You are a separate entity from your business so the loan will be in the name of your business. Your business will be treated as an individial with its own identity that is separate from the business owner.

This means that your personal credit won't need to be a factor in getting approved for a some business loans.

With that being said, yes there are business loans that you can apply for as a brand new business. However that new business will have to be structured in a particular way in order to qualify for these loans as new business.

If you want to learn how to structure your business get a copy of "The Structure Your Business Kit."

Keep in mind, loans need to be paid back. You are probably wondering how you will be able to pay the money back if your business is not making any money yet.

You will learn all of this and more in "The Structure Your Business Kit" including a list of lenders to use.


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